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About Delnaz Photography

Hi, I am Delnaz, I am the woman behind the lens.

If you ask my family they will tell you my favorite phrase is “Just one more picture, PLEASE”. I love to work with children and families to capture special moments. I like to make my photo session’s FUN.

Our home studio is fully equipped, and is a safe environment for your kids and family. I also love to take pictures outside, when the weather permits. As you can see in my portfolio, my favorite photography involves children and families. There is nothing more rewarding than getting that perfect smile from a child, and capturing moments in time that fade SO quickly as they grow up.

I have been a photographer my entire life, and have taught for more than 15 years. The only thing that has taken me to any new places is my love of photography. I guess I got that gene from my grandpa, who gave me my first camera – and I still have it! I love creativity and new styles; art is endless and any new ideas will only make our photos much lovelier.

My formal education includes Graphic Design. My goal and work experience in photography, makes me an ideal candidate for capturing moments – a millisecond – of your new-born baby’s moment, that is saved forever on a frame. Every moment of life is golden, but a child’s time is different, as they change right before our eyes.

My husband (Ali) and I are co-founders of Delnaz Photography Inc. We have mixed our different expertise to build a studio which serves our clients and friends in the best possible manner. Our faces change, and we believe that every child and family deserves to have professional pictures taken at various moments in our lives that capture the passing of time.

There is the old adage, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ Let’s stop talking, and take pictures!